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Get Work Via WireGuard VPN In AirLink 4G camera


Step 1.
AirLink 4G web IP default is, default login is " admin", password is "admin"
Go to Netowrk > Interfaces > select list bar "WIREGUARD VPN "protocol < Add it.
Save and apply.

Step 2.
General Setup input private key, this key is given by Wireguard server.
Save and apply.

Step 3.
Adding Peers;
Input Public key and preshared key ( some of Wireguard servers may be not given preshared key, if so,you can ignore.)
Allowed IPs, default is and ::/0
Endpoint Host ( Wireguard server IP address)
Endpoint Port default is 51820 ( Port information is according to Wireguard server port number)
Save and apply.

Step 4.
DHCP Server < Advance Settings < 6,
Save and apply. 

Step 5. Go to WireGuard Interface click " connect"

How to check Handshake with Wireguard server?
Go to 4G web < status <  WireGuard
Below information is connected to Wireguard server.


Create port forward for camera web as below

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