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USB Heat Temperature Controller
for Heating Products Auto Switch Off

USB heat temperature controller.PNG


The BEMU1 USB smart controller provide variable heating temperature and timer provides 5 optional heating temperatures and timer to meet different comfort demands. The heating time is 20 to 60 minutes for all 5 options. When the timer heating is finished, it will automatically stop working switched off.

Products Description

1. Using enameled copper with excellent conductivity and environmentally friendly rubber


2. Input voltage and current: 5V or  12V voltage can be customized, maximum current at 2A


3. Display status five levels of temperature adjustment and five levels of timing, more of series selection  LCD screen or LED display.


4. Color: available in black and white.

5. Plug: Both ends of the plug can be customized as required.


6. Line length: The line length can be customized as required.

7. Temperature and timing can be customized as required.

8. Use range: Eye mask, belt, knee protector, shoulder protector, neck protector and other electric heating products.

USB heat temperature controller-2.PNG
USB LCD temperature and timer.png
USB LCD heat temperature controller.png
USB interfence.PNG
USB interfence-2.PNG
USB interfence-3.PNG
USB Heat Temperature Control Eye Mask  CE.png
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