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Soluciones de sensores de 433MhZ

ZigBee | Bluetooth | Sigmesh  | Smart Home Pack 


Model NO. SHZB1  Color : White 

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply DC 5V

  • Wireless Technology : ZigBee + Bluetooth + Sigmesh

  • Working Temperature: -10℃~ +55℃

  • Relative Humidity 10% -90% (No condensation)



  • Support 128 devices. 

  • Control all devices remotely.

  • Support combo ZigBee and Bluetooth sensors.

Working with the Google Assisant & Alexa

 It is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Standard kit:

1*  Hub host 
1* Smoke detector (ZigBee)
1* PIR pet friendly (ZigBee)
1* Door & Windows sensor (ZigBee)
1* Power supply 5V

ZigBee Smoke Sensor

Zigbee 3.0 | Battery Powered 



【Sensitive smoke detection and high- pitched alarm】Zigbee smoke sensor sensitively detects smoke, an indoor fire prevention necessity The detector's induction of smoke mainly consists of a set of infrared emitting tubes and receiving pairs of tubes. When smoke and fire hazards are detected, an audible alarm of up to 95db will be issued with the red flashing of the LED light and sent to the mobile APP to protect the safety of the whole family.


【Remote Alarm】 The danger situation at home is timely informed of the mobile phone APP remote monitoring. Once the smoke concentration is too high, the smoke alarm will immediately alarm, and the gateway and the mobile phone APP will be connected in parallel to send an alarm prompt. No matter where you are, you can receive the message as soon as possible.


【Low battery reminder and remote mute function】 You can check the battery status of the alarm at any time by opening the APP. Low power consumption, long standby time, no need to replace the battery frequently. At the same time, when the detector is in an alarm state, the remote mute function can be realized through the APP.


【Pick-and-use, easy and convenient】 No tools are needed, just a piece of glue, you can stick the smart smoke alarm in the right place.

【Product name】 ZigBee smoke sensor

【Product size】 51*55mm

【Wireless connection】 ZigBee

【Working current】Alarm current≤120mA

【Battery life】More than 3 years

【Working temperature】-10 °C~+55°C

【Low battery alarm】2.7V±0.1V

【Communication distance】 More than 50 meters in an open space

SHZB1-Smoke detector.PNG
SHZB1-door sensor.PNG

Door Window Sensor

Zigbee 3.0 | Battery Powered | White


Power source type                              Battery Powered

Width                                                   27 mm

Material                                                Plastic

Maximum transmit power                  10 dBm

Batteries included                               Yes

Height                                                  60 mm

Required batteries (included)            1x CR2032

Weight                                                 23 g

Depth                                                  10 mm

Operating temperature                      0 - 40 °C

Wireless technology                           Zigbee 3.0


Motion Sensor PIR

Zigbee 3.0 | Battery Powered | White


IP rating                                                           IP20

Material                                                            Plastic

Input voltage                                                    3 VDC

Maximum transmit power                              10 dBm

Diameter                                                          46 mm

 Detector angle                                                120 °

Required batteries (included)                         1x CR2450

Control Through Mobile App                          Yes

Operating temperature                                    0 - 40 °C

Temperature range                                          0 - 40 °C

Input current                                                     0.01 A

Max. battery life                                                12 months

Detector range                                                  5 m

Maximum power consumption                       0.065 W

Wireless technology                                         Zigbee 3.0

mini zigbee hub user manual.png
Zigbee hub-1.jpg
Zigbee hub-3.jpg
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